Scary News: Blasphemy Laws

Watch that video. Its a news cast about the united nations trying to pass a anti blasphemy law. The law would say if you talk ill of religion you would be committing a crime. This law came about due to Islamic religion being criticized. 57 nations are backing this law. Which here in the united states if it passed would be unconstitutional. I can see all hell (excuse me using a word of religious invention) breaking loose in democracies all over the world. I will proudly say that I would break this law the moment it passes if it does. I hope everyone who sees this will stand against it at every turn. There is no reason for anything like this to ever be passed. Its made simply to spare weak religions of getting hurt feelings. If someone posted on this blog that they disagree with something i said i wouldnt be looking to get a law passed for in spite of them. Learn some tolerance to which your religions preach. The time has come to put a stop to things done in the name of religion, history shows that people died from this most recently 9/11 and while i dont oppose religion entirely i think it needs to remain separated from the government.

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Common Atheist Misconceptions

Here are the most common atheist misconception and me addressing them. Before even starting off I feel inclined to say not all atheists are the same and believe the same things. Just the same not all religious folks believe the same or interpret their holy book the same even.

1. Myth: Atheism is a religion.

Response: Atheism is simply a lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. Religion is a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. So in order to be a religion atheists would have to believe in a supernatural power (god or gods). Seeing as atheists do not believe in the existence of a god or gods and most but not all do not believe in the supernatural. We are in no way a religion. We dont organize and pay tithes or have a church. There are however some atheistic religions who do not believe in a god but have doctrine and believe in some supernatural things like karma for instance.

2. Myth: Atheists have no morals.

Response: Atheists have a sense of right and wrong. This is not learned from religion only. A trait humans have is to be a social animal. Being social requires you to not kill everyone you see or treat them bad. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not only this but if we didnt have morals we couldnt just do what we wanted. Governments would not allow us to be free people if we just went around robbing, raping, and killing others. I cant speak for every atheist but i have no will to do any of those things ever.

3. Myth: Atheists never tried to find god.

Response: Through various groups ive been in online talking with others and my own personal experience i can say this is wrong. Most of us are born into religious families and eventually see the error of our faith in one way or another. I myself studied many religions after losing faith in my original one before becoming atheist. Ive seen many others who have a very similar story as mine. Many atheists are more familiar with religious books then people who believe in those books simply because we read them and seen various things in them like the contradictions, factual errors, and racist, bigoted, womanizing in those books.

4. Myth: America is a Christian Nation.

Response: This is simply not true. The founding fathers were not all Christians. The constitution makes no mention of god. The first amendment says there will not be established religion. The declaration of independence is the only thing that mentions a creator, not god or jesus but a creator. Under god was added to the pledge in 1954 because of communism and in 1956 in god we trust was put on the money probably for the same reason. Both of these things were sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

5. Myth: Atheist must think life is meaningless.

Response: Atheists find life very meaningful and most believe that we give our own meaning to life. We believe life is what you make of it.

6. Myth: Atheists hate god.

Response: Atheists simply do not believe in god. In fact some religions are atheistic. Here is a list of those religions.

Religious Humanism
Ethical Culture
We simply dont believe that a god exists based on the lack of evidence. We have no reason to hate something that doesnt exist. While some atheists might hate god not all do. I personally dont and know many atheists who dont because hating something that doesnt exist is pointless.
7. Myth: Hitler,Stalin, (blank) was an atheist.
Response: Hitler was in fact not atheist. He was Catholic and in many speeches he referred to god and jesus. Stalin was atheist yes but didnt ever kill in the name of atheism. If he had it wouldnt have made sense he would be killing in the name of nothing. Stalin did allow churches to be built because it improved morale. They were both horrible people but they would kill anyone standing against them atheist or theist. This argument has no point really. Atheist and theists both have the potential to do horrible things. The only point to the atheist side of that argument is that bad things are done in the name of religion which no one can deny. The crusades, salem witch trials, and world trade center attacks among many other things were done in the name of a religion.
8. Myth: Atheists are all militant.
Response: This isnt true. Some of us are, some of us arent. We dont take kindly to being told we dont have morals or you trying to force your religion on us. For the most part though most atheists dont care as long as you dont insult us or force your religion on us. We all have different views on things though and respond differently, same as most religious people would.
9. Myth: Atheists have no proof of gods non existence.
Response: No we dont have any proof at all that god doesnt exists. We use science and science shows no evidence of god existing either. Also seeing as the religions believe in god the burden of proof is really on you. Neither of us have proof however either way. Atheists tend to not believe in a god or gods because of the lack of proof.
10. Myth: Its better to believe in god than risk going to hell.
Response: This is called Pascal’s Wager. Its a invalid argument. The only way to keep from going to hell would be to follow all religions and please every potential god out there since not all of them could be real if one was real. Plus in most religions god is all knowing. If he is all knowing he would know you dont truly believe in him/her/it and would most likely be more mad that you acted like you do opposed to being honest and saying you dont.
11. Myth: Atheists always turn to god before they die.
Response: This one is false because there are many atheists who have died who did not suddenly become religious. Not only that some die instantly like in car crashes.

12. Myth: No atheists in fox holes.

Response: This is not true. I recently spoke to a atheist who was in the vietnam war. There are many atheists in the army. The whole idea behind this is that people turn to religion to avoid death. Yet religious people also die in wars so it makes no sense to assume that becoming religious will save you from dying somehow.

13. Myth: Atheists worship the devil.

Response: We dont believe in god but we believe in his imaginary foe? No atheists dont believe or worship any god or any of their imaginary friends or foes.

14. Myth: Atheist are communists.

Response: No this is from during the cold war. Atheists just as religious folks have varying views on politics. Im a constitutionalist personally like Ron Paul.

15. Myth: Atheism is faith that god doesnt exist.

Response: This is a argument purposed by theists to swing the burden of proof over to us. You dont need faith to not believe in something. There is simply no evidence of gods existence. If evidence was found to prove god is real then we would no longer be atheists. Its usually hard for religious people to understand how someone cant believe in a gods existence.

If you have more misconceptions that i have missed please post them here so i can add them to the list. Educating people on us should help get rid of the lack of trust and hate that we sometimes experience.

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Balloon Boy

As the majority of America knows the story i wont get into the details. My reason for this post is to discuss what i believe is a wrongly accused family. If you watch the initial news stories this family has legitimate concern and fears their sun is in that balloon. I have not followed this story to closely but catch glimpses of it in the news and online here and there. Your bound to come across it even when not trying. On a trip to my hometown to spend time with friends and family a friend of mine clues me in on alot of the story. I personally believe they are innocent and just wonder the opinions of others out there.

So please feel free to comment and show your evidence when arguing your case.

As for my evidence its the intial news videos that show the worry of the parents. As well as their internet show videos who show that the kids are not very well behaved and would explain why the child hide and didnt say a word for so long. In my opinion the parents are only responsible of not teaching the child better.

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Microsoft Controllerless Gaming

Heres the story on

While I do like the idea im torn between it. I have the luxury of being born in a certain time and have grown up my entire life seeing every new game system or advancement that came out. I remember playing atari, nintendo nes, and all the way up to the current systems of ps3, xbox 360, and nintendo wii. I also love using a controller. I actually dont like the nintendo wii so much because of how much i have to move on some games. Like on wii sports boxing if you have a good opponent is exhausting and no longer becomes a game it becomes a work out. Ive had matches with friends that literally left my arms hurting for days. If i wanted to work out i would have bought a piece of gym equipment not a video game system. While i do see the need for people to work out and how video games can offer that bonus these days im fairly certain the future of gaming will ultimately become non controller based. I think those who play games and dont try to exercise its their choice and we shouldnt be merging these two things. These are basically the first steps into a world where video games are no longer played comfortably but played physically.

What happens when madden games become real? You become a person playing football not someone playing a video game.

These are just my thoughts on this subject they may not be totally reasonable and may be downright silly to some of you, but i hope you get what im saying.


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Online TV may be in jeopardy

To those of you like myself who watch tv online on sites like or your tv may become pay to use in the near future. According to

Heres a link to the whole story

I used to have cable myself until i moved to the middle of nowhere and cable isnt a option here. My cable bill with tv and internet averaged 120-150$ a month at the time and this was a couple years ago.  I have long forseen that internet is killing traditional tv and even newspapers. With the economy as bad as its been I understand the need to raise prices to cover costs of operating a business. But I feel word needs to be put out long before so it dont come as a surprise to anyone. I have little to add to this story personally. All i wanted to do is let you know.

Hope this information helps you and you have a great day!


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Possibly future proof for evolution

This was found on the BBC website.

Its about killer whales. Its a good read. Im a huge believer in evolution, yet i find alot of religious people who dont when im on forums. Maybe this will convince them in the future.

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G Spot Doesnt Appear to Exist

Ran across this while browsing a forum. Its a link to the BBC news.

It says there was a study done of 1800 women and they could not find conclusive evidence of a gstop existing. I found it rather humorous and a good read. Hope you like it. As will be usual with most news stories i wont have much to say about them. The news usually speaks for itself. I just like to share the fascinating news when i find it lol.


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Hello world!

My name is Dennis. Im new to blogging. I have seen many blogs and thought I would like to try that. Now that I find a ton of time on my hands I decided im going to try it. Im 25 years old will soon be married and have a daughter on the way. I am an atheist and my soon to be wife is a Christian. She catches alot of grief from friends over my lack of faith. When they come about I would like to share those stories. Im very open to talking to others about how we deal with certain things as we dont have eye to eye views on religion. I would also like to use this blog to share with you cool information I find as it happens. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy reading this, and get a laugh when possible, or learn something.

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